On the 30th/31st of May, Omar made his debut in single seater racing in the third round of the Duo BRDC F4 Championship at the famous Silverstone GP circuit. Having never tested at Silverstone before, pace was going to be difficult to find.
The Qualifying was dry, and after a wet free practice on Friday, it meant that it was Omar’s first ever dry run at Silverstone, and so expectations were low. However, after only getting 8 laps in in the qualifying, Omar posted a very surprising lap which put him in 9th place.
Omar made a very good start in race 1, making 2 places into the first corner, and racing well with championship leaders, and ending up in 7th place.
Omar started race 2 on the front row, which is very uncommon for someone’s 2nd ever race, however, the race was wet and with lack of testing in the wet, Omar’s pace was an issue, but he didn’t let that affect him in the race, as he raced hard with the leaders, but unfortunately contact with another driver on the penultimate lap forced him to retire.
Omar started race 3 in 14th, and it being a dry race meant that Omar had better pace, and he also raced well, getting up to as high as 8th, pulling off some great overtaking manoeuvres. Unfortunately, he ran wide on a corner and spun on the slippery surface, putting him down to 17th.
“It was a mixed weekend for me. I wasn’t expected to be contending with the leaders, so I am happy that I made a big impact coming into this championship and proved to any doubters that I have serious potential. I did have some incidents in races 2 and 3 and so results weren’t as high as they could have been, but overall it was a good debut and I am happy with how it went. Thanks to CDR for providing me with such a great car, and Kieren Clark for being such a great coach and mentor to me.”

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